About Maishell


Maishell is a brand based on the principle of REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE.

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here— all Maishell products are made from carefully selected second-hand materials. Just think about it—does each vegetable really need a single-use plastic bag? Does everything we buy have to be brand new? 

The production of plastic bags is extremely harmful to our environment, and we can’t even recycle them. These pollutants can be easily avoided by replacing a single-use product with something we can reuse over and over again. Why not start with fabric bags, for example?

The textile industry and trends in disposable fashion are also destroying our environment. Have a look in your wardrobe—a huge amount of water is used every single day to produce all those t-shirts, socks, and sweaters. Most of the factories that produce these textiles also release large amounts of chemicals, polluting the soil and water supply. These facilities are often located in third-world countries, where environmental protection laws are not strictly enforced and local people are powerless to resist. 

I believe that all of this environmental degradation can be easily avoided. Why not replace your boring, non-recyclable, single-use bags with stylish Maishell products. 

All Maishell products are made from second-hand fabrics or fabric offcuts. Each bag we make is unique—you won’t find another like it! A recycled product can be sleek and stylish, as well as environmentally friendly!


Most of our bags are made from natural, breathable fabrics*:




People looking for lighter bags can choose from our synthetic alternatives.

* Sometimes the exact composition of the fabric is unknown, as the fabric is procured without labels.


L  40×30*

M 30×25*

S  25×20*


A set of bags includes 3 or 4 differently sized bags. All other bags are sold separately.

* due to ever-changing fabric sizes and our zero-waste policy, bag measurements may vary.

We recommend washing Maishell bags by hand at 30 °C - 40 °C, or selecting the gentle cycle on your washing machine.

The Maishell production process

We search for fabrics in second-hand clothing shops, purchasing table cloths, curtains, offcuts, and so on.

We treat the fabrics, machine-washing them using natural detergents.

The fabrics are then disassembled and cut to size.

Our seams are made to last, so you can carry your groceries with confidence.

Table cloths, curtains, and offcuts are reborn as Maishell grocery bags, cosmetic bags, or toothbrush cases..

We brand our bags with a textile stamp.


Lockdown, 2020, the last flight from London to Palanga. I (Gerda, nice to meet you) was coming home to Lithuania after living abroad for several years. As the quarantine struck, I was faced with uncertainty and spent a lot of time contemplating and reflecting, like everyone else. The global pandemic threw a wrench into all my plans, and forced me to search for a new project. I was adrift without a purpose until, one day, I stumbled upon a business idea from an unsuspecting cashier. While bagging my food at the grocery store, I was greeted with the same mantra that I’d heard a thousand times before:

–Would you like a bag? Please, take one ! Are you sure you don’t need a bag?

–No, thanks. Thank you, I brought my own. No, really, there is no need, thank you!

–Would you like a bag? Please, take one ! Are you sure you don’t need a bag?

No, thanks. Thank you, I brought my own. No, really, there is no need, thank you!

–Would you like a bag? Please, take one ! Are you sure you don’t need a bag?

Nooooooooooooooooo! Thank you.

–Still, you might as well take one…


How can I possibly avoid being confronted with this endless wastefulness?

This marked the beginning of the Maishell project. I wanted to revolutionise the culture of consumerism and turn the single-use plastic bag into a relic of the past. Surely there must be a more attractive and sustainable alternative? 

For the previous six years I had been living in France and England, where I studied film and worked in the fashion industry. Being constantly surrounded by consumerism made me critical of the perpetual waste of resources and indifference towards environmental issues. Maishell is my response to unnecessary consumption, and a final au-revoir to the single-use plastic bag.